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This Just Pisses Me Off

There is a piddler in our midst. I don’t know who it is or when she strikes, but every day, proof of her presence is there. All over the toilet seat.

I work in a building with multiple companies. Our office shares a women’s restroom with the entire floor. And because we’re on the first floor, we get a lot of random women in and out of our bathroom all day. Needless to say, ours is not the cleanest bathroom in the building.

Every day I walk into that bathroom (and it never matters which stall) and someone has peed on the seat. I understand that some women are so germaphobic that the very thought of planting their big white butts on the seat will send them into apoplectic fits, but that’s what the seat covers are for. Squatting a foot and a half over the seat, missing your target and LEAVING IT is just foul. I don’t want to sit in your urine any more than you wanted to plant your ass there. It’s sort of ironic that you don’t want to get someone’s germs all over you, but you have no problem leaving yours all over for someone else to sit in.

Maybe it’s time for a potty training refresher course.

And while we’re on the topic: please flush and don’t pull the toilet paper out so far that it drags on the floor.


2 Responses

  1. What is it with people and public restrooms? Was everyone raised in a barn? Another request: When flushing, please do not leave the stall until making sure “everything” has actually flushed. I do not want to get a subsequent eyeful of your rear-end remnants.

  2. Amen, Sister! AND while you’re at it, wash your hands when you’re done.

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