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Heavy Lifting, Part 2: Tales from the Bench

So it was definitely a weird night at the gym.

I walked into the locker room and I always go to the same area so I remember which locker I put my stuff in. So this woman is there and has her stuff spread over half the bench. I walked in and put my stuff on the other half (which was by the locker I want to use anyway). No shit: I place my bag down on the bench and start to unzip it and she spreads her shit out right up to mine and pushes my bag. I looked up because I wondered if it was someone I knew and just didn’t notice so she was messing with me, but I had never seen her before.

She clearly didn’t want to share. I’m tired, I’m cranky and not putting up with this, so I say, “I’m sorry. Did you bring this bench from home? Is it yours? I wasn’t aware.” Meanwhile, I’m smiling the whole time because I crack myself up. She looks at me, probably thinks I’m totally insane, scoops up her stuff and goes to another section.

Thank GOD she was leaving and not actually going to work out.


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