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Learning to Dive. Again.

This morning I’m going to try to dive again. I learned for the first time nearly 9 years ago, when we were here on our honeymoon. They have a great resort course here and I’m going to give it another shot. The first hour or so is spent in a classroom, getting a handle on the fundamentals and the second part of the morning is spent in the pool getting used to the mask and snorkel and the tank.

I actually struggle at bit with having the regulator in my mouth and that’s where I ran into trouble last time. The second part of the day is a shallow dive—about 40 feet or so. Since the instruction last time was one on one (it was the off-season) we were down about 50 feet or so because I was doing well. Until I made the mistake of looking up.

One of the great things about diving in Cayman is that the water is stunning. It’s totally clear even as deep as 100 feet. You can look up and see the sky clearly. When I looked up, I thought, “oh shit.” For no reason I started to panic and started to swim for the top. I think I got claustrophobic. The guide grabbed me to slow me down and ascended with me. That was that.

I don’t know why that happened so late in my dive, but I was still wearing contacts then and had visions of them floating out of my mask and being turned around because I couldn’t see.

Now that I’ve had Lasik surgery (the best thing I’ve ever done, FYI) I think I’ll try again.

I’m ready to conquer my fears in life and this is one of those things I have to revisit.


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  1. You? Have always been the bravest woman I know.

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