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MiPhone 3G?

So I’m thinking about getting the iPhone. I’ve been using a BlackBerry for a couple of years and I mostly like the one I have now. It’s about 6 months old but it’s a little glitchy already. My last one totally took a beating and it wasn’t until I spilled coffee on it for the umpteenth time and it finally freaked out and started to randomly dial and e-mail that I gave up on it. I don’t feel as attached to my new one.

The iPhone is appealing for a few reasons:

1. I am very Mac-cenetric. I use a Mac at work and I have two at home (desktop and laptop). I haven’t been able to back up my Blackberry because it’s not very Mac-friendly.

2. Seeing my voice mail is cool. I don’t want to listen to a half-dozen voice mails to hear the one I want (sorry, Mom). Jumping to a specific one would add days back to my  life.

3. The browser is cool. The BlackBerry has one but it’s slow and the screen is smaller.

Beyond that, I’m indifferent to the GPS — although I’m sure once I have it I won’t know how I lived without it. I don’t care about iTunes on my phone (except for maybe some cool ring tones) because I have a 60G iPod and I don’t want to combine the two because if I lose it, I’m really screwed. And I wouldn’t mind being able to take pictures but it’s not a necessity.

My biggest concern is the keyboard on the iPhone. I love the BlackBerry’s raised keyboard. More often than I’d like to admit, I’ll text or e-mail while driving and can just feel the keyboard. I have small fingers but every time I’ve tried someone else’s iPhone, I type wildly.

I still haven’t made a decision, but one thing is for sure, I sure as hell won’t be in line at 8:00 a.m tomorrow.


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