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Ram this…

I can’t believe I just sat through a whole hour of Rambo. I wanted to stop watching after about 15 minutes but I was too horrified to move. I mean, it’s like that car accident you can’t look away from even thought it’s gory and disturbing. Thank god I only paid $3.99 on Pay-Per-View because if I walked out of the theater after spending $15 I’d be pissed.

My husband and stepson thought it would be a cool movie —and evidently it is to them because they’re still watching. I’m not a prude or ridiculously squeamish about sex or violence in movies but never have I seen so much gratuitous violence. Even for a Rambo movie it was pretty excessive. I can’t believe this only got an R rating.

It’s an hour of my life that will haunt me forever.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve had enough Sylvester Stallone to last me the rest of my life. Ram-BORE.

  2. You realize that you’ll never get that time back, right? You were totally robbed.

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