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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

There’s a saying in our house: A Caffeinated Mo is a Happy Mo.

So you can understand that it’s a major tragedy around here at work today because we are OUT OF COFFEE. I wasn’t too traumatized at first because they actually buy Folgers (I have got to take over the coffee-buying here) so I though I’d just get some at the cafeteria here in the building. But because he’s closing soon, he is out of coffee. And there is no Starbucks within a reasonable distance from my office. This is bad. I’m starting to shake. I may even cry. But I will DEFINITELY be CRANKY.

Speaking of coffee—and this may be why I’m going through withdrawls—I bought a new coffee maker this weekend. Our previous one had reached the point of no return—bitter coffee and you had to hold the lid down for the grinder to work.

Meanwhile, I had gotten a $25 off coupon in the mail for Bed, Bath & Beyond, so I grabbed Bill and we went shopping. (FYI, Bill, I’m so glad you can channel your inner gay boyfriend and spend hours in Bed, Bath & Beyond with me! I love you more every day.)

Until this weekend I didn’t think it was really possible to be in love with an inanimate object (I believe it’s called “Objectophilia”), but I am hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with my new Cuisinart Grind N Brew. I think I drank 16 pots (nope, not a typo) of coffee this weekend. I drank it black, I drank it with Half & Half and a packet of Splenda, and — my favorite — I made homemade whipped cream and threw a few dollips of that on top.

So I’m back at work today. Coffeeless. I should’ve brought a thermos with me today.


2 Responses

  1. I gave up caffeine cold turkey a couple of years ago. Hardest thing I’ve ever done but I’m glad it’s behind me. So I certainly can relate.

    Unfortunately, when I’m cranky now, I just have to admit that I am not perfect. Harder than giving up caffeine, let me tell you!


  2. Enjoy the caffeine, but not TOO much!

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