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There Are No Words

Literally. I have no words today. Well, I guess I have few because here I am, typing away. But I’m feeling sort of restrained—which, if you know me, is no small feat. It’s funny, when I started this blog to talk about random stuff in my life, I secretly hoped people would read it, but now that they are, it sort of freaks me out.

It took me about a month to tell my husband I was doing this. He’s very private so I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about it. It turns out he’s very proud of me and the fact that I’m writing again on a regular basis, and I think he’s secretly happy when I give him a shout-out in a post.

I’m slowly letting friends know what I’m doing but I’m not really announcing it. One friend tells another, and so on and so on… Kind of like that old Faberge shampoo commercial…

This weekend my husband told one of my stepsons about the blog and he checked it out. It totally freaked me out for a while. Not that I plan to rant and rave about my stepkids (much), but I liked that I had a place to come do it if I needed to. But again, it made me happy that my husband was proud enough to brag on me.

I share an office with a coworker (it’s a big office, but I miss my door), and we were talking about starting blogs. We researched for weeks what kind of blog it would be (hers would be more creative, artistic and mine, well, it’s whatever) and we researched the different platforms to do it on. We talked all day long about it. I don’t know if she ever did one, but I never told her about mine.

It’s so weird—I’m not sure what the line is with privacy. Well, I am, actually, but I find myself censoring myself sometimes. What if someone from work reads it? This is a possibility because another one of my coworkers kind of hangs in the same circle of friends. God, what if my parents read it? That probably won’t happen because they’re in their late 70s and, although my dad is pretty computer savvy, I doubt he’d find it.

My dog Gracie has a blog and I link hers to mine (I say that like she’s actually sitting there typing, uploading her own photos, writing about what I bad mom I am), but I don’t link back. I guess I’m still trying to limit who sees what.

For my friends who blog, does this change? Do you go through phases of wondering if you’re offering up too much or do you just have to go for it? I’m curious what the boundaries are.


2 Responses

  1. I have the same conflict. I want to meet new people and put myself out there…and at the same time, if anyone found out exactly who I am, I would be petrified.

    I decided pretty early on that I needed to set some rules for myself. 1) Never say anything about someone that could identify them to anyone. 2) Never say anything about family members that I wouldn’t say to their face. 3) NEVER talk about work in specifics (no company name, no job title, no co-workers names, etc) As far as you know, I really do scoop the ocean with a Dixie cup, right? 🙂

    None of my family knows about my blog. My best friend doesn’t even know about my blog. But a few friends, who are also co-workers, do. (They talked me into starting it in the first place.) Other than that, all my readers are great people I’ve met in the blogging community. A couple know my real name. Even fewer know my address (we’ve exchanged gifts). Most are just URLs and kind comments to me but I cherish them all.

    Sorry – didn’t mean to ramble like that. It’s good you’re thinking about this though. Good luck in whatever you decide!

  2. Hmmmmn. Good question! I think I feel pretty comfortable revealing who I am as a person (inside my soul, not last name, where I live, etc!) but I am more cautious about what I’d reveal about OTHER people in my life. (Like I do talk about you in my blog more than anyone else I know, but I really only talk about you in relation to what you mean to me. So it’s disguised as talking about you but is actually stil talking about me. SELF-CENTERED! Plus, you are perfect and wonderful so how could I ever make you look anything but, no matter WHAT I said? 😉 )

    I do think, however, that I feel more comfortable than you do at this moment with just sending my link to everyone I know and just letting it all hang out. I think I might be weird in that regard…but let’s face it: It wouldn’t be the first regard I was weird in.

    But, of course, in the end I would vote for your getting your blog out there to as many people as possible…not because I’m biased, but just because it’s a damn fine blog!

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