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Apparently, I ain’t no Mariah Carey

I am a horrible singer. I know this, which is why I don’t sing in front of anyone. But when I’m alone in the car, I pretend I’m in concert. I roll up the windows (unless I’m driving fast enough that people aren’t within earshot) and sing at the top of my lungs. One favorite is “Earth, Wind and Fire Live” because I can totally get my groove on while I’m singing (mock if you must, but try it some time!).

So tonight after work, me and Gracie (the dog) drove down to the San Diego area from Northern Los Angeles County. It was a four-hour drive because I Friday traffic. But I was prepared. I charged my iPod and had an awesome playlist that took me through the whole drive. I sang most of the way down, while they dog snored to her heart’s content.

However, at one point, a Mariah Carey song came on. It was the version of “Fly Like a Bird” from her Idol Gives Back performance. I was singing along, “hitting” the high notes and the dog just howled. Like she was in pain. Through the whole song. Then she went back to sleep.

I didn’t sing the rest of the trip. When your dog thinks you’re a shitty singer, well, that just hurts.


2 Responses

  1. It was probably Mariah the dog was howling at — word is some of her high notes are really painful for animals. Take heart!

  2. Nooooobody’s Mariah….except Mariah, so don’t feel too badly!

    “Mariah! She’s on fi-ah!”

    Okay. You knew that was coming.

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