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Baggage, Storage, Whatever

My office building is next to a self-storage facility. My office has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that overlook the storage place so I can see all the action that goes down over there. As far as I can tell there’s no freaky s Silence of the Lambs-type stuff going on, but there are lots of interesting happenings.

There’s one small storage unit that someone uses as an office. When the door is rolled up you can see the desk, the computer, the files….and the person diligently working.

There was the guy who parked in front of the building with his buddies, took off his shirt—proudly displaying the most magnificent farmer’s tan and beer gut I’ve ever seen— and walked around the place strumming his guitar. His friends ducked in and out of the facility taking stuff back and forth to the car.

There was the man who pulled up to wax his car (presumably, he stores the car detailing supplies in his storage unit).

There are full-size moving trucks that pull up and empty the contents of someone’s entire house so they can be stored tightly. You wonder why they’ve packed up every item they’ve accumulated in their lives. Foreclosure? Downsizing? Moving up? Remodeling?

There’s the tax guy who shares a wall with us. He stores his old files over there, so periodically his secretary loads up some boxes and carts them over or pulls out a stack of boxes and carries them back.

There are the families that store camping gear and they’re retrieving it for vacation.

Looking out that window is like reading a book of short stories; it’s like seeing vignettes of someone’s life.


4 Responses

  1. Dude.

    You KNOW one of those units has body parts in it. Or an entire body stuffed in a steel drum and then sealed super-tight. Or maybe a live body being held hostage! Or MAYBE I SHOULD STOP WATCHING EVERY CSI/CSI MIAMI/CSI NEW YORK EPISODE EVER MADE.

  2. See? It’s not just me. I’m convinced there’s something or someone in there.

  3. If you ever disappear and don’t come home from work some day, I know where Bill and I are looking for you.

  4. I love that some guy is using a storage unit as an office! If there IS a body in one of those, I would look at him first.

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