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Hot In Heeere

It’s getting hot in here, baby. Lesley is cringing right about now because there was a summer in the not too distant past when I sang that damn song all day. Every day. Catchy, isn’t it? Now it’s going to be in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

Tonight I’m making my tomatillo salsa. It’s not really “my” tomatillo salsa recipe. It was actually given to us by a good friend who was the Executive Chef at a swanky Los Angeles hotel for a few years. It’s an idiot-proof recipe—good thing, because, well, I’m kind of the Kitchen Idiot sometimes. There aren’t that many ingredients but the final product is like an explosion of sweet tomatillo goodness. It’s hot but it’s sweet and there is nothing better spooned over chicken or steak or slathered over tortilla chips. It rocks a baked potato better than sour cream ever could. You’re drooling, aren’t you?



The recipe requires two jalepeño peppers. You char-grill them, peel the skin off and then chop them up to blacken them with the rest of the vegetables. It never fails—I peel the peppers and manage to rub my eyes about 5 minutes later. Every. Single. Time. It’s like a reflex. So I’ve got the smoke from the veggies getting charred and the sting from the peppers both rendering me nearly blind. I spend the rest of the cooking/mixing process in tears. It’s why the recipe never tastes the same. But it always tastes deee-lish! (Ugh. I sound like the devil Rachel Ray.)

Muy Caliente!


3 Responses

  1. Oh. My. God. Remember when we all went to that dueling piano bar years ago? And as a joke you and I asked them to play Hot In Herre? And we thought our request was so freaking hysterical…AND THEN THEY ACTUALLY PLAYED IT?? WHICH MADE IT A MILLION TIMES FUNNIER?? (Hot In Herre? On two grand pianos??) We laughed our asses off and I knew that night I would love you forever. HEEHEE!

    Dude. If you are a Kitchen Idiot….WTF am I? I will Burn. Your. Toast.

    Can you even read this?

    YOU are Muy Caliente!!

  2. You know what’s really fun? Get your husband to chop the jalepenos and feed him lots of beer before and during the chopping and then listen at the door when he goes to pee.

  3. You have an evil streak!

    I like it!

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