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I haven’t been blogging that long. And I haven’t been reading blogs for much longer. There were a couple that I hit regularly (like this and this) because they were written by book authors I liked, so I’d check in to see when their next books were coming out.

However, a few months ago, I came across one that really resonated with me. I’m not sure how I found her, but she is such an amazing storyteller, twisting words and sentences together to create moods and elicit strong emotional reactions. Each post is like a short story, perfect, complete. Her blog is one of the reasons I wanted to start one. I read hers and thought, “Damn, I want to do that.” (Note, I did not say I could do that!)

Not long after I found her blog (in fact, one month later), she decided to stop blogging. Fortunately, about a month after that, she couldn’t stay away and decided to move her blog and continue on. I was so happy when I saw her Tweet about starting up again. Her writing is inspirational to me. You just have to read this
to know what I’m talking about.

I know I’m sort of gushing here, but seriously, if you get a minute, surf over to Okay, Fine, Dammit and check out Maggie’s blog.

Damn it.


7 Responses

  1. I… I’m, just…. I can’t even ….






    Thank you. Seriously.

  2. I’m going to visit Maggie, right now. NOW, do ya hear? And she better deliver the goods.!!!

  3. Damn it!

  4. Wow. Just wow. I envy her talent.

  5. Hiya. Just had a chance to read Maggie’s blog and I have to agree. What amazing writing. When I read her blog I kinda have the same feeling as I have when I listen to people being auditioned on Canadian Idol. Jesus Christ – where have all these people been!
    Anyhow, I have also just started my own blog as I was inspired by many others like yours. Cheers!

  6. Happy blogoversary!

  7. Happy blogoversary to you! Found your great blog today while searching the list of others with a bit of celebration going on today. I’ll be reading! Best, kate

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