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Hands Off

Just a suggestion to the chick behind me in Starbucks this morning. Don’t stand right in front of the bar where the drinks come up, blocking the whole thing so everyone has to reach around you to pick up their coffee. And if you insist on standing there anyway, please don’t finger every god-damned drink that gets placed on the bar. You know your name and you know what your ordered. If they call, “Skinny Vanilla Latte for Maureen” keep your fucking germy hands off my coffee. I don’t know where they’ve been. Because next time? I might just walk up and lick your coffee lid when you get your drink.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you; thank you; thank you for this post. I only wish “she” had read it. You’re so right on.

  2. Dito from me! I couldn’t agree more. Some people are simply socially stupid.

  3. Chick fight!!! Go get her Mo! Start by smacking her hand like you would with a little kid and say, in a loud, chiding voice “Look with your eyes, not your hands!!”. Ew. I wouldn’t even take the coffee if someone touched it. I’d ask for another one because PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TOUCHING THIS ONE.

  4. I love XUP’s comment. Right on!

    Dude. I hate nothing more than people not being correctly aware of how they’re taking up space in the universe…which usually equates to their being way too much in MY space. This happens a lot in SB – like when I’m in line and the person in line behind me is basically PRESSED RIGHT UP AGAINST MY BACK. Um…hello?? RUDE!!! Plus? EWE.

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