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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Is this really the best he could do? Did he think, “Hmm, I better get me a woman on the ticket. Let’s start alphabetically through the states and see who we come up with. A….Alaska? Done.”


7 Responses

  1. Okay – I was momentarily confused because I thought that was STEVE MARTIN and not McCain. Why have I never noticed this resemblance before????


    HEY! This is filed under premature ejacublogging. That means I should be seeing two or three posts from you during the next day. Woo-hoo!! GO!

  2. Ah,the joys of politics and marriage,,,,beware stumbling into the pitfalls of bias. Yes, I said “bias”; and many a liberal thinking progressive preaching “change” is just as guilty of bias as any right wing conservative “elitist.”

    If Obama had chosen a woman, he would have continued on the path of change; for the sake of change. Instead he chose an experienced LEGISLATOR who very much represents the DC establishment. Result; no hassle from anyone; good thinking on his part.

    McCain on the other hand couldn’t win; choose Romney or Leiberman; no change, business as usual. (You even made that statement at home, before the decision,) Choose a woman; “It’s a stunt; he’s just trying to play up to the womans vote.)

    How elitist; how typical of political thinking in this country that does not tolerate a differing opinion without venom or sarchasim.No time for discernment, just shoot from the lip, (although I love that lip.)

    It’s a bit early to tell; I think some discernment and study is needed; but I think McCain may have made a solid, out of the box thinking, decision. The preliminary information indicates that Palin, not unlike McCain, adheres to a certain philosophy while being independent enough to buck the Alaska establishment. Isn’t that what we want in Washington.

    And, she has stuck to her beliefs; she has for all intent and purpose, walked the walk of her talk; it’s a matter of record. Can the same solidly be said for Obama, or Biden for that matter. McCain has the same RECORD.

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect your opinion. And I welcome a diversity of well thought out opinion that is aimed toward constructive growth for our country.

    I do not however condone hit and run, sarcastic snipetts, from any side of the of the river; the issues are just too important. I don’t want to see our politicians, liberal or conservative, take sarcastic potshots at each other. It sends the wrong message. And WE should not send the wrong message; starting at the grass root level.

  3. My dear, sweet, misguided husband. Sometimes you don’t know me at all!

    This is NOT about McCain choosing a woman. I’m just not yet convinced that she is THE RIGHT woman. Or the right candidate for VP. Yes, my initial reaction was that choosing her was a stunt. On the heels of the Democratic Convention, it seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction because we had not heard about her at all up to this point. The buzz was Leiberman, Romney and some other random guy.

    As you say, it IS a bit early to tell. I refuse to make up my mind simply because she gave a good speech last night. Being articulate and being good at public speaking does not mean she will be able to step up and lead our country. People are acting like her speech last night was a slam dunk. I appreciated some of her sarcasm, and I liked that she was clearly able to wing-it a bit, I want to know more about who she is. I want to know more about what she stands for. I get the basics—she’s for family and she’s for guns and drilling. And I don’t doubt her patriotism.

    But there are so many other issues and the stakes are too high. I don’t care what kind of tutoring she gets on foreign affairs, she just doesn’t seem to have the deep, broad experience someone in that position needs. You, my dear, are infinitely more qualified in that area than she is. That scares me. (Not that you’re more qualified; just that she doesn’t seem to be.) The good news is, I doubt she’d hesitate to blow Bin Laden out of Pakistan if given the chance.

    Just so we’re clear, I’m not happy with Obama, either. He’s not a slam dunk for me. I think he’s too green, too untested. I haven’t seen much in his record that comforts me, that makes me think he’ll be a great leader. Again, great public speaker (with a teleprompter) but what else does he have to offer? I hear higher taxes, blah, blah, blah. What about the budget? Foreign affairs? Personally, I’m afraid we got it wrong on the Democratic side. I honestly believe Hillary should be standing up there now. Hillary and McCain? That would be something to see. That would make for a damn good election.

    The bottom line is, I will be watching closely. I will do my homework. I will try to make the best choice I can given the information I have at that time.

    See? There’s no hit-and-run sarcasm here! We can agree to disagree, right? If not, how the hell have we stayed married so long?!


  4. Lesley: I forget where I found this, but it cracks me up. And he does look like Steve Martin. Maybe Steve should run for President?!

  5. I figured out the whole Palin thing when she made a point yesterday of calling the Obama camp Washington elitist. The Republicans are so good-old boy that they needed someone sort of white trash (passel of kids, pregnant teen, Alaska) to get the votes of people who might vote Democrat because they think Republicans have no connection to the real people anymore. Palin really played up the white trash aspect yesterday, I thought. Lots of talk about maternity leave and momminess and aw-shucksing. I’m telling ya — they’ve tossed her in there because to them white trash equals liberal and they reckon they can fool a lot of white trash liberals into buying this.

  6. All I have to say is this: As someone who couldn’t stand Hillary, all I can say is PALIN MAKES ME LOVE HILLARY THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH!!!! I HEART YOU HILLARY!!

    I didn’t think Palin’s speech was good at all. She may be articulate (and by that I mean AT LEAST SHE KNOWS HOW TO CORRECTLY PRONOUNCE WORDS) and seem comfortable in front of a crowd but she is sarcastic and low-brow and that little sneery thing she does to punctuate her comments? That manages to take what little polish she possesses and totally erase it. She didn’t criticize Obama’s policies – she made fun of him as a person and that is bullshit. I don’t care if she’s a soccer mom or can skin a moose or whatever crap she does. Big deal. I can stick a diabetic cat with a needle SO ELECT MEEEEEE!!! In a word: Trashy. Plus? And this is neither here nor there on this topic, but just an observation: Hair shaped like a football is never a good idea. I’m just sayin’.

  7. wow…go Lesley! u rock

    I saw a picture today of Palin next to the mother from King of the Hill…Peggy. Hilariously similar, even the same shaped glasses.

    If Bill doesn’t like sarcastic little snippets, he cannot possibly have thought that speech was good. Can he?

    I like McCain (except for his voting record) and I like Obama, but I have to say like Biden far more than the “appeal to the lowest common denominator” speech Palin did last night.

    Kudos to the repubs for actually finding a woman that is pro-life, pro gun, military mom, special needs mom, hockey mom, mom of a pregnant teen, small town girl and so many other things all rolled into one…essentially she is the exact opposite of Hillary, but they are trying to convince people that she is a replacement to everyone that wanted Hillary to win. Huh? Oh wait, she is a woman-please tell me the average voter considers more that that before they vote.

    If they can succeed at turning Hillary supporters into Palin people, they almost deserve to win.

    I think the best part is blasting Obama for saying he will raise taxes, when the need for raising taxes comes from the last 8 years of spending, spending, spending, spending, and oh yeah, did I mention spending..with absolutely no thought of ever paying it back, or how much of this country is now owned by foreign interests.

    Should be an interesting series of debates.


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