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Deck the Halls

I was driving through our neighborhood yesterday and saw the most terrifying thing ever. One of our neighbors (in a house a few blocks away…THANK GOD not on our street) has fully decorated his house for Halloween. FULLY decorated it.  It’s hardcore too—house-size blow-up pumpkins, orange lights strung through the trees and around the windows, a witch hanging from a tree branch, that fake spider web stuff, headstones and Dracula.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s just a wee bit early in the season for this. But it was a given that some moron would jump the gun and start early because midsummer, just as as the school supplies were being stocked in Target, the Halloween decorations were stocked too. Really? And I love how they stockpile  the Halloween candy in stores now. I can guarantee you, anyone buying Halloween candy NOW, will not have a single bag…no, a single PIECE by Halloween.

I love Christmas decorations (note, I didn’t say Christmas because it just stresses me out every year—I’m slammed at work, my family is nuts, I don’t have time to shop, and it’s become about everything that it shouldn’t be). But I love to turn off the TV and switch off the lights in the house and sit in the glow of the tree. I love roaming through our neighborhood at night with the dog to see everything sparkle and shine. It’s peaceful.

But I have a rule—no decorations go up until after Thanksgiving. Shouldn’t there be a similar rule for Halloween? I’m not sure the week after Labor Day quite fits the bill.

Am I over-reacting?

The creepy thing, though? I don’t think that house has any kids….


9 Responses

  1. I agree. My rule of thumb is that the leaves on the trees should at the very least be changing colors, and they certainly are NOT where I live. My neighbour is the same. I am looking across as we speak and I can see 8 bales of hay and witches on broomsticks hanging everywhere. Good grief – give it a rest!

  2. Maybe this is going to be their permanent home and garden decor from now on. There are people in my neighbourhood who seem to have hit on a particular holiday decor and decided this was exactly what their house needed and have just left the stuff up forever. There’s a giant plastic Santa around the corner that’s been there for more than 5 years people say. He’s all fadey, but still jolly.

  3. “Have a fadey, jolly Christmas….!”

    There’s a book on the giveaway table at the office right now called, “Simplify Your Holidays.” (Coincidentally.) It’s red with a picture of wrapped Christmas packages sitting on some kind of gold foil chair. (Tacky!)

    Apparently the publishers also need to release the orange, picture-of-a-jack-o’-lantern version. You could give to you neighbors. Who clearly need help in the simplification department. Unless, like XUP says, they are going to put up once and leave up forever. Simple!

    Does mailbox perhaps have “ADAMS” written on it??

  4. XUP: Fadey Santas! You don’t see that on HGTV very often.

    RAINO: If we waited in for the leaves to turn here in So Cal we’d completely bypass all of the fall and winter holidays!

    Lesley: Ah, the giveaway table! I forgot all about that! It was always full of books like “101 Ways to Self-Medicate” and “The Idiots Guide to Proctology”!

    I think I’m going to write a guide/post —The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Decorating. I’ll include Victoria Day and Canada day for my Canadian friends!

  5. Whoa. And I thought I was psycho.

    Halloween is my ABSOLUTE favorite holiday of the year. Decorations and costumes are my dept – and Christmas decorations (except the tree) are all Hubz.

    But traditionally, my scary stuff doesn’t go up until October 1st. Watch out – you know I’ll HAVE to post pics. 😉

  6. MammaDawg: Yes! Post pics. And give me ideas for costumes. I suck at that and every year we get invited to a hard-core competitive costume party. I always go as something lame. I need to WIN this year!

  7. I think the constant push to look towards the next “big event” whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter….is just another example of how we can never just “sit” and “be” with the moment we are in. Someone (merchants and others) are always telling us we’ve got to be preparing or prepared for the next big thing. We should all sit back and enjoy today, September 8th for what is IS and not be thinking anything about Halloween at this point. I say, mid October for Halloween stuff.

  8. Kate: I agree! We should just live in the moment. People lose so much time looking forward and backwards that we forget to live in the now. I’m certainly guilty of that. This is definitely a good example of that.

  9. Well let’s see, it’s the second week in September so by my guess we are about 10 days away from the start of Christmas songs on the radio right?
    I totally don’t get the whole bringing in the holiday way before it’s time and Halloween is my VERY FAVORITE. Was thinking about it just last night…but my decorations are still rightfully in my attic.

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