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Secrets and Lies (Shhh…)

If you Twitter, you may know about Secret Tweet, where people can anonymously post their deepest, darkest secrets. Some are lighthearted and some are tragic. I am alternately fascinated and freaked out by it.

I’ve seen Tweets about dying parents, drug addiction, aspirations unrealized and unfulfilled. People Tweet about cheating on spouses or significant others. Someone wrote about reading a husband’s journal. A woman Twittered tonight about pretending to forgive a boyfriend for giving her herpes. Someone else Tweeted that she thinks she’s pregnant and wasn’t sure whose baby she was hoping it was. A few days ago a man wrote about feeling suicidal. Then he followed it up by saying he didn’t want to leave his child fatherless.

It’s sad. And some are tragic. And some are kind of funny—I love the one that confesses he or she loves to look at him/herself! There’s the also the person who pretends their famous and gives interviews to the mirror. And, of course, I’m self-centered enough to be convinced that some of those Tweets are about me! The woman who wrote about hating her friend—am I a bad friend? Is that my husband secretly Twittering about our marriage?

While it’s entertaining, I feel bad that there’s so much sadness, hurt and anger—oh, Lordy, the anger—out there. I suppose it’s good that people have a place to go to vent. Sometimes you need to throw things out there to see how it sounds, how it feels to put it out there without actually commiting to the ramifications of acknowledging certain feelings. But I guess it’s sad to me that people can’t be honest with one another. It’s safer to put it out there secretly. There’s no fear.

Regardless, I’m such a voyeur and so nosy, I’ll keep checking to see if the person who’s heart isn’t into med school drops out (God, I hope so. Who would want that person as their doctor?). And the person with the brain tumor? I hope he or she gets better.


6 Responses

  1. Wow. I really AM living under a rock.

    I haven’t heard about Secret Tweet… !

  2. I’m afraid to visit Secret Twitter. I hear enough scary crap in real life. .. but I might be tempted

  3. Me neither – never heard of twitter or tweet …. but will definately check it out.

  4. Dude. That secretweet last night about being afraid his/her dad was dying and feeling alone was the first time I was moved enough to respond. I hope that person goes back and checks. I tried to put some love out in to the universe on the hopes it might make a difference.

  5. Oh. It never occurred to me that you could respond to those.

    Was that you Secret Tweeting about how much you lurve your bestest friend?!


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