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Name That Blog

I was reading XUP’s post about Naming the Blog. She was asking how bloggers came up with their blog names. That got me thinking (I know, never a good thing). As I commented on her site, I think I was envisioning this blog being something totally different when I started it. I thought it was going to be full of witty, pithy musings on life, but I’m not sure that’s really what I’m doing here. So I’m thinking about changing the name. I haven’t come up with anything new, though.

But, of course, I wonder, What if no one finds me (my four readers will be lost!)? What if I lose the momentum I started?

Has anyone done this? Would you recommend doing it? I’m curious….


5 Responses

  1. You have a great name…but you won’t lose me no matter what.

    I think your stuff is witty and pithy…you don’t? One thing I do is write everything on a word doc. I have a ton of unfinished posts plus a backlog of about a month if I am just not in the mood. Shhh…don’t tell.
    It helps me to steer my content the way I want plus sometimes, I’m just in a nasty mood so I get it all out of my system on my little word doc and no one knows what I’m really thinking…including my husband…who is enternally thankful.

    Nothing wrong with having two url’s too.

    Just my two cents…I think you are great.

  2. Awww. Thank you. I really appreciate that. (“You like me, you really like me!” Had to have my Sally Field moment!)

    It’s funny, I started writing everything in a Word doc and at some point (maybe when I was on vacation?) I started doing everything straight on here. Sometimes it works and sometimes I wish I mulled it over a bit more.

    Thank you for your feedback on the name. I’m getting ready to do a redesign (um, design) so I’m thinking about the tile quite a bit. I like it; I just want to make sure it works.

    By the way, your post this morning made me laugh! (Fortunately, no pee!)

  3. I would leave the name as it is. It’s a good name and there are plenty of blogs who don’t adhere strictly to what their name implies. See Knitnut who started out talking about knitting but now almost never mentions it anymore and talks about whatever strikes her fance. I think your blog is witty and pithy and if it isn’t always snarky, so what? We don’t expect snark all the time. My blogname has no meaning whatsoever anymore, but it’s okay.

  4. I LOVE the name. It’s what brought me to you. All my friends laugh at me – the only one who says “snarky” on a regular basis. I thought if someone used the work Snark in a title I would have to like them! I like to to think I am not always Snarky – but have just enough snark in me to get the job done….as do you! Keep the name!

  5. I think you should stick with your title! Although there’s always:

    “The Ejacublog” (Ohmeegawd HEEHEE)

    “Blogging For Lesley!” (Or, you know, anything with “Lesley” in it)

    You could do like New Kids on The Block (NKOTB) and just become “The DS.”

    I’m momentarily out of ideas but am still leaning toward the second one. 😛

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