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Tag! You’re It!

Raino tagged me. It's my first tag so I'll play along.

Here are seven things about me that you may not know (or care about).

1. I am deathly afraid of heights. Granted I'm only 4'11", so everything is high, but I really struggle with it. When we were in Paris a couple of years ago, I went up the Eiffel Tower but I couldn't make myself go all the way to the highest level. Hell, in my old office, I worked on the second floor and there was a glass partition that overlooked the atrium—I couldn't even stand there and look down without having vertigo.

2. I used to want to be the drummer in a rock band. Never mind that I don't know how to play drums...I just thought it would be a bitchin' job.

3. I have 74 pairs of shoes. (And I regularly rotate through about 4 pairs).

4. I hate putting my writing out there. I get very nervous and anxious about it. As a result, I over-think it and usually ruin it. I'm a much better editor than a writer.

5. I make an amazing pumpkin pie (and my apple isn't bad either). Ah-May-Zing.

6. I made a career change about a year ago (after 16 years in a totally unrelated field) and it still freaks me out. Mostly because I'm out of my comfort zone.

7. I dream of picking up and moving to a Caribbean island someday.

I won't tag seven people back (do I know seven people?) but feel free to talk amongst yourselves and comment.


7 Responses

  1. Ditto on #2, #3, and #4. And I would love to do #6, if I can only get up the nerve.

    Good list!

  2. Hang on.

    Number 7 needs to be amended because unless the words “and take Lesley with me” go on the end, that ain’t never gonna happen, sister.

    Also? Why have I never had that pie? Is it as amazing as your GAGILLION CHEESE MACARONI OH MY GOD I FEEL FAINT.

  3. Cool. So far we have a singer, a drummer and me the roadie. We’re getting there.

  4. Now we just need a guitarist and keyboard player.

  5. You know, you look much taller in your picture. 🙂

    I have the same stupid fear of heights. I bungee jumped once and I’ve never been the same since. Also, my kids can’t go near the glass rail either as I am sure they will get sucked over the edge.

    As far as the drummer fantasy goes, I also had that and still did until a few weeks ago when we got rock band for wii…those drummers actually have a tough job!!

  6. I love shoes. I love to look at them and feel them and smell them (if they’re new) and put them on and admire myself in them and walk around in new shoes. All my old clothes look so much different and better with a new pair of shoes. I have stacks of shoes, too. I’ve never counted them. Now my daughter and I are the same shoe size and she’s mad about shoes, too, so now we both have twice as many shoe options. We manage to wear them all in some sort of random cycle.

  7. XUP: Yay! Another Fellow Shoe Whore! I love them. Wearing certain shoes can make me feel happy or confident. And no matter how much weight I gain or lose, they will always fit. I have some that I may wear once a year and others, like I said, that I rotate on a daily basis. It drives my husband nuts, but as I told him one day when I walked in with four pairs of brand-spankin’-new shoes—I don’t have kids! I can have shoes. I wear a size 5, which isn’t easy to find, so there’s no sharing for me. Bah!

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