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Friday Fini

There’s been a lot going on lately and it’s getting harder to do full blog posts on everything so I’ve decided to do a weekly hit list of everything that’s going on.


My dad turned 80 on October 3. On Saturday we had a huge birthday party for him at my parents house. They invited about 60 of their friends over to celebrate such an amazing milestone. I’m very fortunate that my parents are the age they are and are still healthy and have most of their marbles. I put together a DVD/movie of photos of my dad from the age of 4 until now. It was pretty moving to see his life before me and my brother hit the scene. He was a dashing-looking fellow—he kind of had a Ricky Ricardo vibe. I think he had a great time a the party—it was nice to see so many people show up in honor of my dad. (Damn, those Seniors can drink!)


Gracie had been gone for two weeks and came back Wednesday night. She traveled to Kansas City to be in a National Breed Specialty show. She didn’t win anything, but from what I understand, she had a blast. I should have pictures this weekend.


Lesley rescued a pit bull on her way home last night. I guess he was dodging in and out of cars on a busy road near where we live, so she stopped to try to help him. Turns out he is a total sweetheart and love bug. He jumped right in her car and snuggled up to her. She tried to find someone other than the shelter to take him, but it was late and everything was closed. The shelter took him and, fortunately, the volunteers were wonderful. It breaks my heart, though, because he was probably dumped. She said he was clearly loved and trained. I hope he finds his owners. And Lesley? I love the fact that she stopped, picked up this dog, tried to find a home for him and has been checking on him all day. She even stopped by the shelter to see him this morning. No one has a bigger heart than she does.

Also, I changed the header on my blog. I found the image and spend half the day trying to get it to fit in the header space. Thank God Lesley came to my rescue (is there a theme here?) or I would still have a title-less black bar. Must master the art of Photoshop.


I left my last job more than a year ago. I left my 401K there (Why? Don’t ask.) and I’ve been working on getting it out to roll into an IRA. But, of course, the timing of that totally sucks. Two weeks ago it was down about $14,000. I can’t even bear to look at it today.


7 Responses

  1. So does this mean we won’t hear from you until NEXT friday, like a week from now, like 7 days, ACCKKK! Okay then. We will cope.

    Congrats on your dads 80th. It’s great to see them healthy! Did the seniors put you to shame?
    Can’t wait to see the pics of the trip to Kansas. I love photos!
    Pit bulls get such a bad name. I have a boxer and some people are so rude in what they say, oh no stay away dear – that’s a pit bull!

    I do like the new header Snark. I must say though, that I have not seen to much snark of late..

    Yeah, and good luck with those investments, Yikes. You don’t really mind working for another 30 do ya?

  2. Raino: I will still be writing on a regular basis, but there’s so much going on right now and some of it doesn’t merit a full post, so this will just be a hit list of things that have happened during the week. Please keep checking in!!

    I know—I AM short on snark lately, but my goal is to get back to that! I think I was going through a bit of a blog identity crisis, but I want to get back to what I originally wanted to do. I redesigned the header so it would remind me of that!

    Stick with me! The Snark will return!

  3. Real Life Mo is NEVER without the snark! 😉 (Real Life? This doesn’t seem life the right description. Non-Blog Mo?)

    Thank you for writing this…I love it!! Mostly I love how you always see me in such a generous and loving light. But I’m not the only one with a big heart around here. You would have done EXACTLY the same thing if you had found him instead of me. You love animals as much as I do! (Because when people suck – AND THEY WILL – we are reminded of how much animals ROCK.) You know your ass is going to the shelter with me tomorrow. You are gonna love him as much as I do! Plus, going there alone makes me sad so I need you to buck me up.

    Thanks again for this!!
    (Always your biggest fan…you and your blog!)

  4. Sigh. I forgot to log in first before I left my comment. So my normal icon was missing! Durrrrr.

  5. Lesley: I have been forbidden to fall in love with the dog.


    But either way, your only *required* task is to keep passing me the Kleenex. Oh. And maybe a hug. I might need that too. 😛

  7. no worries about me coming back SNARK. you are on the top of my favorites list. love reading….

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