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Fire Season

Sadly, it’s that time of the year again. Some parts of the country get hurricanes, others tornadoes. Here in California (especially So Cal) we get fires.

Every October (sometimes late September), the humidity drops ridiculously low (it was down to 9% at one point this weekend and it’s about 20% now) and the Santa Ana winds pick up (sometimes gusting up to 60-70 mph) and it creates a recipe for some nasty fires.

Right on schedule, the fires started up this weekend and now there are about 4 substantial fires burning around Southern California. At least three of these fires are threatening homes right now. And three of them are in the immediate area of where I live and work (but far enough that we’re not in danger). It looks like the apocalypse outside—dense black smoke so thick you can’t see 10 feet in front of you. Breathing? Forget about it. You can feel the ash in your mouth and throat as you inhale. Your eyes burn.

Mother Nature can be a bitch. But what’s worse? Some stupid motherfucker is most likely responsible for this destruction.

I hope there is an extra-special super hot spot in hell for these douche bags.


4 Responses

  1. Stupid people. You should be allowed to shoot them! I remember when my husband lived in CA for a 3 month training program….he left his apartment one day to go to work and got hit in the chest with ash flying through the air….so much for that nice, clean white shirt!

    I hope you remain safe from the fires – and that they are under control soon.

  2. I will never understand how some people can be so desctructive that they would do something like that on purpose. Yeah, okay, so every once in awhile it’s an accident. But still, those jack asses that do it in purpose should be kicked in their freaking jack ass teeth.

  3. Mindless individuals. She back….good to see you back SNARK.

  4. Yes, kicking people’s teeth in and shooting them is definitely the way to spread the non-violence message.

    We’ve been hearing about the fires, Mo and thought of you and Lesley. Stay safe and try not to breathe when you’re outside.

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