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I’m gonna be a what? Again?

I just found out that I’m going to be a MoMo again. I have an almost-5-year-old granddaughter (by way of my middle stepson because I’m only 39, thankyouverymuch, and this is California and not, say, Appalachia). And I just found out that Little Miss Sparkly Shoes is going to have a little brother or sister next year. I’m totally head-over-heels excited. Being a grandparent (especially without benefit of having to raise children to get them) is such an amazing thing. Talk about unconditional love.

When Little Miss Sparkly Shoes was just learning to talk, my husband and I had her for a whole weekend, and we were absolutely determined to teach her to say Papa and Grandmo (since there are two other grandmothers, we decided Grandmo, for Mo, would be an acceptable name for me). Papa came pretty easily to her, but Grandmo was a bigger challenge. Mo, it seems, was not. So by the end of the weekend, she went home to Mommy and Daddy talking about Papa and MoMo. To say that I took a little evil pleasure (Okay, who are we kidding? I took A LOT of pleasure) in the fact that she said my name before she said the name of either of her other grandmothers, would be an understatement!

Over the years, I have sort of evolved into the cool grandmother. I didn’t try to be that, but I’m the one that she wants to swing with, slide with and play Barbies with. I’m the one who takes her shoe shopping and buys her cute little outfits (Daddy approved, of course, because unlike a lot of parents these days, he likes his little girl to look like a little girl and not Britney Spears). MoMo and Little Miss Sparkly Shoes get our nails done and play with the dog. And MoMo is the one who got dragged into the bouncy house with her for her birthday.

Running, climbing, playing and late-night chats about Tinker Bell are exhausting. Bill laughs at me when I finally have to crawl off the jungle gym, totally exhausted, ready for a nap. But it’s time with her that I will never have again, so I do it willingly.

I am so excited to have another grandchild. It’s going to be exciting to see Little MIss Sparkly Shoes with a sibling. I think she’s going to be an awesome big sister. And I can’t wait to meet Littler Miss Sparkly Shoes or Mr. Smarty Pants.

I just can’t believe I will have two grand kids before I’m 40.

Excuse me, while I go have a martini.


9 Responses

  1. Congrats Cool Grams.
    Sounds like its to her benefit that your still very young. Way to go.
    Have a couple Martini!

  2. Yay for you! I can’t imagine…you are younger than me without the wear and tear of raising children. You get all the fun stuff! My kids also have a cool grandma who never had kids and dotes on them…my father in laws wife. They adore her as well as the MIL who dotes on them as well…makes me want to be a kid again!!

  3. No WAY he/she will be as cute as Little Miss SS. NO WAY!!!

    Okay, maybe way. But it would be hard to imagine that kind of supreme cuteness manifesting itself more than once.

    Although I am kind of supremely cute. But that’s totally off topic. πŸ˜›

  4. MOMO,

    I like it! And you are right on schedule. Had you started late, like I did, you’d have to do all that physical stuff in your 70’s (woe is my mom)!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and maybe we’ll see you around…Sip, Stroll and Savor this Sunday?

  5. lol – you could have a shot of tequila while you’re celebrating!

    Congrats on becoming a Mo-Mo again soon – I *heart* her nickname for you and would be jumping up and down myself to have the same honors. πŸ˜€

  6. You may be the cool granny now, but what have you got to fall back on in a few years when you’re not up to climbing the jungle gym anymore, eh? Can you bake the best chocolate chip cookies? Knit warm sweaters? Do you have a big, soft bosom to envelop teary pre-pubescents? Do you have tissues up your sleeve or hard candies in your purse? Eh? That’s a REAL granny. You may be winning the granny wars now, baby, but look out or the other granny is going to out-granny you one day soon!!

  7. XUP: Dang, give me some credit here. Not only can I climb the jungle gym but I make some rockin’ chocolate chip cookies and I carry tissues in my purse (I used to have hard candies, but I eat them all!). I am not a knitter (it’s just not my talent), but her Auntie S is phenomenal at that, so the sweater thing is covered. My bosom isn’t huge, but it’ll do!

    Eve: Thanks for stopping by! We will see you on Sunday!

    MammaDawg: Tequila! Yummy. Sometimes there is nothing better than a shot of chilled Patron Silver!

    Lesley: NO ONE will ever be as cute as Little Miss Sparkly Shoes (but you’re close).

  8. Well, alrighty then…carry on, granny!

  9. Awww, congratulations!

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