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The Kitchen Remodel (In Progress)

I’ve written about this damn kitchen remodel a few times, and I kept promising pictures. Well, I finally found the camera (don’t ask) and uploaded a few.

We’re almost done. We don’t have counter tops yet, which means there’s no sink, so we’re washing dishes and making coffee in the bathroom (the bathroom without the door).

Out with the old...

The cabinet on the far right is new. Everything else was refaced.

The dining room, which became the storage area temporarily

The dining room, which became the storage area temporarily

So much better...

This is the same cabinet that's in the first picture. Yeah, we have a LOT of wine glasses.

Now if we just had some counters...

Now if we just had some counters...


7 Responses

  1. The pictures don’t do the gorgeous, rich cherry wood enough justice! So pretty!

  2. looking great !!!

    honestly as i was looking at the photos of the demolition by heart started racing !!

    good for you to be going through that snark and by the way, you can NEVER have enough wine glasses.
    different glasses make the wine taste different.

    precicely why i own 8 pairs of flippen black shoes ahhh…

  3. I have cherry cabinets too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the color!

  4. I’m holding out for the “after” pictures. I have less than zero skills in envisioning what things in progress are going to look like when they’re done. I have some sort of geometric dislexia. I find it very frustrating. I get all messed up with those turning shapes on their side puzzles, too, because I can never, for the life of me figure out what they would look like right-side up. Your stove looks nice, though.

  5. I suck at geometry. I friend of mine used to teach it and told me that boys are better at visualizing that kind of stuff.

    I can’t wait to see it when it’s done too. Not convinced they’re ever going to finish it though. Then I’ll be stuck doing dishes like I’m camping. Forever.

  6. All I know is I am totally fascinated by this new picture of XUP that I can *almost* see!

  7. Lesley, it looks a lot better big – it’s kind of a shadowy full-body shot

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