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Best Of…

The results are in and Gracie is bringing Sexy Back. Or at least Opposite Sex. When we showed her last weekend, she won Best Opposite Sex both days (Translation: Runner Up to a Boy). But we all look hot anyway!

Best Opposite Sex with Susan and the judge

11/1: The Judge, Susan (her handler) and Gracie (looking entirely too serious)

Best Opposite Sex 11/2/08

11/2: Susan, Gracie and Me (the judge left early but I'm cuter so it worked out)


5 Responses

  1. You lost me here. How do you win a Best Opposite Sex prize? What IS a Best Opposite Sex prize? Could I win a Best Opposite Sex prize? What would I have to do/wear? Is there money involved? Surgery? Make-up and/or prosthesis? What’s the point of this prize? Aren’t all dogs the opposite sex in certain situations? Why is Gracie a better opposite sex than other dogs? I’m intrigued.

  2. I think for humans, the Best Opposite Sex would definitely involve money, surgery or at the very least, some makeup. And maybe a ball gown. And perhaps a desire for World Peace.

    In a dog show (in simple terms) it means that Gracie beat out all the other female dogs to be the best female in the ring. Then she was put up against the best male dog in the ring and he won. He was a better representative in the judge’s eyes of the breed standard. So she gets Best Opposite Sex. But she gets points toward her championship, and the male got to move on to the Group competition. Of course, I thought she was the best dog in the whole show, but I think that’s why I’m not asked to judge!

  3. How did I miss this??? Congrats!!!!! Gracie is just beautiful….and you? Are adorable!!!!!!! You look so happy!

  4. I was drunk.


  5. Wow. It is beautiful where you guys were!! And all I know is if XUP ever does enter a “Best Opposite Sex” contests for the human breed, she totally has my vote!

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