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Life Is Not a Hallmark Card

I read a lot of blogs and am fascinated by some of the women who put it out there that they have these seemingly perfect lives—well-behaved, smart, funny kids, husbands who are so in tune to their wives every need, immaculate homes, lush landscaping and best friends whose lives are equally perfect.

This? Is not me.

This? Is not me.

My life just isn’t like that.

I work in a job that doesn’t really allow for a lot of advanced planning (meaning, I never know in the morning if I can even get out for lunch that day never mind making plans to meet friends after work, or even be home in time for dinner), a job that periodically requires back-breaking, soul-sucking hours (usually right in the middle of the holidays).

When I was growing up, my mom had dinner on the table at 6:00 every night. Even when she worked. I am usually too tired or too lazy to come home and cook dinner. Some nights, I’m too tired to even EAT dinner if my husband has cooked.

And forget about going to the grocery store. The thought of pushing my cart through the market after 10 hours at work makes me want to run to Taco Bell and call it a night.

I have dead plants in the front of the house and in my back yard that make our house look a little ghetto and embarrass me to death, but I haven’t had time to replace them (really, though, why bother? I’ll just kill them again).

I have piles of laundry in the basket in our bedroom that just get higher and higher. The good news is that it’s clean. The bad news is, there’s probably more in the dryer

I have stacks of bills to pay, and when I get time to sit down and pay them it just makes me want to cry. The stack is overwhelming because I don’t have time to come home and sort my mail every night. The piles of magazines are taking over and so are the newspapers.

This? Is more like it.

This? Is more like it.

I’m not saying my life sucks—on the contrary, it’s pretty good. I have a good job for which I’m thankful even though it kicks my ass (One of my friends just lost her job. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like unemployment). I have a loving husband who is pretty in tune to my moods (and knows when to push and when to run!), a co-dependant dog who follows me everywhere and friends who are there when I need them. But their lives are just as crazy as mine.

My life is messy and chaotic. I’m tired, I’m overworked, I get cranky and impatient. I try to keep things running smoothly, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

I would love to know the secret—are these women really that together? Or is it all bullshit? If they are that organized, what’s the mystery behind it? If not, I wonder what lengths they go to fake it. Because sometimes this shit is a lot of hard work.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the laugh….I think I tend to agree more with your style…I wish I had it more together…but hey, that is not me!

  2. If like WAS like a Hallmark card, the one sent to me would say, “Congratulations AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT DEAD” and then, to be honest, I would be wondering if “congratulations” was the right choice of a word. 😛

    And anyone who says their life IS this perfect Hallmark-y one is probably not dealing in reality. Life is wonderful even when it sucks. I love life – challenges and all. But lifes true perfection lies in its constant imperfection and I’m okay with that.

  3. I think their world is perfect in their minds. They think it’s perfect because they are more than likely drinking heavily and vacationing on the nile. (Get it? Denial? That is totally one of my ten year olds jokes…blame him)

    Seriously, if you stay at home, your kids kick your ass. If you go to work, your job kicks your ass. I’m with you on the people who pretend it’s all perfect. We have a lot of those in our neighborhood…yeah, they totally don’t get me at all. It’s okay though. I sorta laugh behind their backs A LOT. 🙂

  4. LOL! I’d *love* to hear their secret as well!! I have bills all over the counter, dead plants in every room (why do I even bother?) and my office?

    Calculated piles sitting atop my desk.

    Thank goodness for Costco. Otherwise we’d never have milk or eggs, or even dinner!

  5. I have no husband, no kids, no pets, not even suicidal plants…and I still can’t get it together. FAIL!

  6. I know a woman who seems to have it together like that. But truth be told, it seems like she’s obsessed with organization to the point of being really irritating. Everything is planned down to the last second. I’m more of a let’s see what the day brings kind of person.

    Also? That first pic? I would kill myself before I wore heels around the house. I certainly wouldn’t be smiling. 🙂

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