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Wordless Wednesday

Gratuitous dog photo

We should all be this happy


7 Responses

  1. Is it wrong that I kinda want to smooch on her? Give her some hugs for me, okay?

  2. awww that is adorable! What beautiful teeth you have my dear! 🙂

  3. Oh my gawwwd. You just want to kiss the nosy over and over and over! (Can we see the rest of the pic too????)

  4. Debra: She loves smooching. She can’t get enough of it. There’s nothing better to come home to (sorry Bill!).

    Lesley: That’s the entire photo. I was messing around with the camera. I have an eye too. It’s almost as cute at the smile.

  5. Yes, she has gorgeous teeth!! Do you brush them? I’ve been wondering about this whole teeth brushing thing for pets. My cat’s not all that interested in having his teeth brushed — okay, he despises it and almost kills me. Is it really necessary? We feed him some dental dry food stuff once a day.

  6. I haven’t done it. She just eats her bones and that does it. Somehow I doubt she’s going to let me chase her around the house with a toothbrush and toothpaste—even if it IS meat flavored. (I do have my dignity!)

  7. Woohoo! Post the eyeball!

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