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Santa Hates Me

Santa must hate me because I am sick as a dog. Except this dog is way cuter than I am right now.

istock_000005925715smallI have a sore throat that feels like someone is scraping and stabbing it with little bitty knives. My nose is getting congested and I feel like I have a bag of cotton balls stuck in there—you know that nasty itchy, dry, full but can’t blow or sneeze feeling? That’s it. But probably by tomorrow morning it’ll turn into that gross, runny, red-faced mess. (Merry Christmas, Bill. Wanna smooch?) My muscles ache. Apparently, last night in my sleep I ran a marathon. Uphill. On my knees. Backwards. My neck muscles are so tight that my shoulders can barely hold my head upright.

I was afraid this was going to happen, so I tried to prevent it by getting enough rest and trying to lay low on the weekends—I even took some preventative NyQuil shots for a few nights—but it’s been a rough couple of weeks. After a couple of pre-dawn 15-hour days at work, I put off the bulk of my Christmas shopping until this weekend. Running around the malls stuffed with infected people? Not my idea of fun. And there was nothing merry about it.

I did manage to finish off my shopping on Saturday, but wrapping everything is going to be another story. I’m thinking about handing everything over in the bags I bought it in. Would that be rude? (Lesley, you’re lucky—I did wrap yours.)

Not sure if I’ll be dead in the next couple of days (did I ever mention I’m sort of dramatic?!) from the Black Death flu, so I will wish you all a very Merry Christmahanuakwanzaa now—just in case I don’t pop in!

Have a wonderful holiday.



7 Responses

  1. Get Bill to 1. wrap the presents or 2. take to the hot cheerleaders wrapping for free inside Borders.

    Take care…I know that having a cold ruins your tastebuds which means 1. no wine and 2. no chocolate.

    1. Valium or 2. Vicodin is better than NyQuillllll.

  2. yikes. poor you snark. bad time to be sick. santa does love you so i am sure you will be right back to normal tomorrow night!

  3. Hot toddy?

    If your tum can’t handle the rum, then hot apple cider (I prefer un-spiced) with a cinnamon stick works well.

    I know it’s warm in LA, but still, a hot drink when sick carries its own comforts.


  4. Absurdbeats: It’s like NYC weather here (which I kind of dig)—46 degrees was the high today. I skipped the hot toddy last night and did a shot of tequila. not sure it helped, but I slept like a baby.

    Eve: Valium or Vicodin, hu? You are a bad girl! Xmas wasn’t as much fun—everyone drank wine. I couldn’t even smell it. We brought a bottle of the Mauro from the tasting, but it might as well have been grape juice for all I could taste.

    Raino: I hope you had a good holiday. Still dying, but it’s much less painful!

  5. Ugh. What a holiday season, huh? You’re sick, I’m just….sick of it. Bah humbuggy-est of bah humbugs! Is it Jan 2nd yet????

    I agree with you though…I am digging this weather. How fabulous to actually have some semblance of a season!

  6. Poor you. Does this give you a good excuse not to do the round of family visits??

  7. How can I NOT have commented here last week? I know I read this…maybe I’m confusing blogs and Twitter and…god knows.

    Anyway, I know you’re on the road to recovery but it still sux that you weren’t feeling good over Christmas. Here’s hoping that New Year’s Eve finds you feeling great!

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