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I haven’t written in week.

About a week ago I got totally sick. Like, curled up in the fetal position, coughing my lungs up, puking in the shower, phlegmy, achy, snotty, sick.

I bet you just threw up in your mouth a little bit.

I got into bed on Christmas Day and didn’t leave it until Saturday (except to go to the bathroom or take more medicine). For a couple of days there, Bill had to come in and shake me awake to try to get me to eat or to drink some OJ. That’s how out of it I was. I’m still not doing well. I went into work today, but my bosses looked at me, recoiled and suggested that perhaps I shouldn’t be there all day. Which is really saying something considering we have a lot going on. I’m pretty sure they called in a HAZMAT team to disinfect my desk as I walked out the door.

The last week has been a blur. I don’t remember much of anything. I do remember snippets of really weird Mucinex/NyQuil/Tylenol/Robitussin–induced dreams. In one, Kathy Griffin scolded me for dissing Cher, while Cher stood behind her and made faces at me. There was another dream in which my dog was yelling at me to take some damn cough medicine and stop snoring, but that may have been Bill poking me trying to get me to wake up.

The week wasn’t a total loss however. I discovered that there are some particularly great movies and channels for snoozing. On Friday I napped to “You’ve Got Mail,” “Pretty Woman,” “Sleepless in Seattle” and, of course, “Dirty Dancing.” These are movies that I’ve seen (and will still watch) 1600 times so I don’t feel compelled to drag myself out of my coma to see what’s going on. HGTV is also amazing to nap to. Food Network was a close second.  Not a lot of loud noises, soothing conversations and the commercials don’t blast in 300 decibels louder than the shows.

So I try to write about my life, but I don’t seem to have much of one right now. I nap, I cough, I sneeze, I blow my nose, I slather Vaseline on my nose to keep it from getting too irritated. Repeat in any combination.

So how was your holiday?!


6 Responses

  1. Considering your earlier posts I think that the universe has decided to slow you down. Too bad you had to be sick to enjoy some much needed rest, down time and old movies. (Valley Girl, West Side Story, Hello Dolly and Foutainhead would have been my choices to watch have drugged.) Ours was hectic…sick might have been preferable…but there’s still time to miss New Years.

  2. you know you’re sick when you throw up in the shower. been there. done that. don’t wanna go back. (morning sickness) glad you are feeling a little better ?? you certainly deserve some good health!

  3. Somehow this post got by me until now. WTF is wrong with me?? Not as much as is currently wrong with you, that’s what. Which I already knew….well, except for the Vaseline part. You neglected to previously mention that sexy little tidbit.

    For whatever reason, I like to nap to things like Forensic Files. Which is a show about murder, so I obviously have NO idea what that says about me. But I like to nap to Ghost Hunters marathons, too. But we all know what that says is “I HEART STEVE.”

    I don’t have a life either! But that doesn’t stop me from writing Ridiculous Sh*t The Nobody Cares About. You should try it! 😉

  4. I am so sorry you’re still not feeling well. Let’s hope the new year changes that!

    Speaking of new years, I would like to wish you all the best for 2009. May all your dreams come true! xoxo

  5. My Christmas sucked! But oh well we are doing up the new house so we have a good excuse! Have echinacea! it helps!

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