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Grace In Small Things #1

Some days it’s hard to be grateful or thankful for anything. I’m tired and burned out because I’m working 10- to 12-hour days. Not only that, I don’t often get out for lunch to run errands to get some fresh air. I know this is just a short period we go through every year, but I’m exhausted, behind on my laundry, have 20 hours of Tivo’d TV shows to catch up on, no time to go to the bank, Target, the drug or grocery store, or even gas up my car. I barely have enough time to go home at night and get ready for bed. Squeezing a workout? Yeah, right. All of this makes Mo a very cranky girl.

I have to remind myself that my life doesn’t totally suck, so I’m going to join in on Schmutzie’s Grace in Small Things, which is a gratitude journal of sorts. The goal is to post 5 things that have graced your life that day. I will be lucky to do this once a week—never mind every day.

Without further ado, here’s today’s list (I wonder if I can get 5):

1. I have a job. Even if it burns me out sometimes.

2. I’ve reconnected on Facebook with some kids I went to grammar school and high school with. We’ve pretty much picked up where we left off.

3. The weather was beautiful today. 88 degrees and sunny.

4. I actually got out at lunch today and sat in the sun.

Okay, so I hit four. It’s a start



5 Responses

  1. Gratitude is such a powerful force. If I’m having a crap ass day….or year (whatever!) sometimes just stopping down to remember to be grateful for the good things I DO have can compleeeeeetely change my outlook almost instantly.

    True gratitude is priceless…yet costs us absolutely nothing.

    Come on! You can come up with #5! Add it…go for it!

  2. Honestly, #1 is pretty big. I hear from more people every day who have lost their jobs.

    When I’ve gone through periods of work-is-everything, I’ve ordered EVERYTHING online. Cough drops? Drugstore.com. Diapers? Diapers.com. Groceries? Peapod.com (or whatever you have). Batteries, shoelaces, dishwasher cleaner? Amazon.com (really). You may have to pay for shipping, but you’ll be saner, and it’s worth it.

  3. When you really get going on a list like this you realize how little there actually is NOT to be grateful for.

  4. I think I sunk into self-pity mode last night. I was tired, cranky and in desperate need to not be in the office anymore.

    You are all right. There is so much more to be thankful for. I’ll take a crack at 5 more later today.

  5. A great idea! And yes, #1 is definitely something to be grateful for nowadays. And #3? It warmed up to NEGATIVE SEVEN DEGREES today. So yes, pretty lady, you should be thankful for weather like that!

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