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Grace In Small Things #7

1. A Monday off for President’s Day. Weekdays away from work feel so decadent.

2. A rainy morning.

3. Watching movies in bed on this rainy Monday morning.

4. A cup of hot tea.

5. Sitting around in my PJs because there’s nowhere I have to be. seal-23


4 Responses

  1. I’m betting there wasn’t a husband around today as that would require a. showering. b. no chick flicks which = no hanging in bed all day with “escapist” films. c. hot tea and not a bottle of wine and d. pj’s and not lingerie. If I’m wrong I want your husband and you can have mine!

  2. Monday off? PJ’s? Nowhere to be? WENCHOLA!!

  3. Eve: There was definitely no man around for the day. Otherwise, I would have showered before 4:00 p.m., watched respectable programming on TV and been dressed with dinner on the table.

    Lesley: Actually, if it makes you feel better I did have to go out later in the day.

  4. Slumping on the sofa, laptop on my lap, Leno on the tube, cat and dog frolicking around the living room, it’s the weekend, kids all gone to Florida for vacation, time to gracefully run around the house bare nekkid.

    Ah, yes. Life just got interesting. Thank you God.

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