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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

I think it’s time to get serious about my health. This is the second time in two months that I’ve gotten sick. I’m not talking about a cold here and there; I’ve been down-and-out sick.

In December I got a cold that turned into bronchitis and a nasty viral infection. I was totally out of commission for two weeks. I missed Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Two months later—almost to the day—I’m sick again. My cold has turned into a nasty, flu-like thing full of snot and aches. My throat fees like I swallowed a glass of razor blades, and I’m coughing up junk from my lungs again. In other words, I have bronchitis.

I don’t think I ever fully got rid of it the last time, and long work hours, not enough sleep and too many social obligations have sunk me. The good news is, after this weekend, my job will be slowing down and I can return to regular hours. Beyond that, though, I think I have to make some major lifestyle changes.

I don’t eat a lot of fast food, but I do eat out a lot. I try to make good choices—I do eat lots of chicken and some fish and none of it is slathered in heavy sauce—but sometimes I push the salad aside when the french fries beckon. I don’t eat enough fruit and veggies, I drink too much coffee and not enough water.

I’ve been too busy to hit the gym for the last four months and that has had a major impact on my health. I’m not as strong as I used to be, and I think it has affected my immunity. I’ve tried to run when I have the time, but getting sweaty at 10:00 p.m. when it’s 40 degrees outside isn’t the wisest thing I can do.

Priority Number 1 is getting over this thing. Then I’m going to start taking my vitamins, getting more sleep, eating better and working out.

My mom called while I was writing this, and she got all up in my business about being sick again. She even threatened to drive up here to take care of me. If that’s not reason enough to get healthy, then I don’t know what is.

Now I’m going to take some Mucinex, my cough syrup and a shot of tequila and I’m going back to bed.


5 Responses

  1. Okay baby-cakes, besides the tequila are you doing the hot tea with rum, hot cider with brandy and Irish coffee? There’s gotta be some other ways to make this better! And I bet it’s not the same advice your mom gave you.

  2. Actually, my mom suggested some Jack Daniels! I might try the hot tea with rum or the Irish Coffee. It’s like the alcoholic’s remedies!

  3. Hope you’re better today…or at least on the mend for our usual WHINE…!

  4. Poor Mo. At least I got to see you on Friday before the germs got you full force. Woot!

    Jack Daniels is so multi-purpose! It also works to cure Earthquake Jitters. My dad and I discovered this back in ’94. *burp*

  5. Have you tried Cold FX? It really works for me.

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