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5 Ways To Annoy Me

1. Push your way into the elevator before letting me out of it first.

2. Speed through the parking lot and honk at me when I’m trying to back out. It’s a P-A-R-K-I-N-G lot. Not a speedway. Slow the fuck down.

3. Give me attitude when YOU’RE the one who screwed up.

4. Tell me you’re out of Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup. (This is directed a you, Starbucks.)

5. Be so shrill that you’re the ONLY thing I hear in a loud restaurant—and you’re across the room.

UPDATED: #6. Someone calling over and over while I’m trying to relax in the tub. (Oddly, it’s the RNC for my husband.)


7 Responses

  1. with reference to # 5, i especially hate this when the person is in a restaurant!

  2. sorry, pushed submit too quit….
    in a restaurant on a CELL phone!

  3. I think Raino has met Robin S. HAHA!

    #4 happened to me just the other day. I cried a little.

    • It really messes up my day when they run out. Plus, I have to put some thought into what I want to drink—they don’t just hand it to me.

  4. Oh ya, the restaurant thing. There you are trying to have a nice quiet conversation with your friend(s), a few drinks, some nice dinner after a long week and all you can focus on is Shrilly Loudtalker over in the corner. Don’t you sometimes want to join in her conversation from across the room, just long enough to shut her up?

    • I kept reading the same sentence in my book over and over again, so I was ready to walk over and smack her over the head with my book.

  5. #3.

    Oh hell no. This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Like when some dickwad cuts you off then gives you the finger.

    Good thing I don’t carry a squirt gun in the car.

    Loaded with paint. 😉

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