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Guilty Pleasures

1. Sitting at the bar alone in a restaurant with a good book, a nice dinner, a shot of tequila and maybe even dessert.

2. Reading Entertainment Weekly and Us Weekly in a hot bubble bath.

3. Fudgesicles

4. My morning sugar-free vanilla latte.

5. Watching really crappy reality TV.

6. A perfectly dirty Belvedere martini

7. Driving home from work with the top down and the stereo blasting.

8. A big dollop of whipped cream in a cup of coffee.

9. Fresh, clean sheets on the bed. With multiple pillows stacked on top.

10. Multiple pairs of my favorite jeans.

11. Sleeping in on a Sunday morning.

12. Opening a brand-new book.

13. Bacon. With just about anything.

14. Tacos and beer on a weekend afternoon.

15. A matinee movie on a Sunday afternoon.


6 Responses

  1. #2, #3, #4: Yes!!


    #8: Yes – a trick I learned from you.

    #9, #10: Yes and yes!

    #11: I will append this to say going back to sleep on a Sunday morning (after cat poke-age is complete).

    #12: More gagillion billion yes-ing. I love the moment when you first launch into a book. Filled with hope. Replete with possibilities.

    #13: Yes!

    #14: BEER? Is this something new??

    • The beer thing is a little weird for me, but with tacos—damn good tacos—it’s perfect. When we went to La Cabana last weekend, it just seemed like a Corona would go well. I think I got into beer again a little at the dog shows. One of our dogs does well, we have a shot of tequila and a Corona Light. The perfect end to a perfectly white trash weekend!

  2. 9, 11, 12, 15 and the tacos. I miss good old greasy tacos since I’ve gone all vegetarian.

    Good list!

  3. How decadent you California girls are. Here’s my list of guilty pleasures: 1) Boots high enough so the snow doesn’t leak in over the top. 2) A scarf that covers my face AND neck 3) A cell phone that doesn’t freeze up and stop working for and hour after a 20 minute walk outside. 4) When you run out of ice at a party being able to pop the ice cube tray on the outside window sill and having more ice half an hour later.5) Sunshine 6) Rain instead of ice pellets or snow. Yes I seem weather obsessed. It’s because we’re hovering on the brink of spring

    • We are spoiled here with our cell phones that don’t freeze, our sunshine and boots that are more fashion than function. The ice cube thing is kind of cool though. That would come in handy!

  4. Ya! The world is your deep freeze for several months of the year. That IS coold. The fashion stinks though

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