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The Un-Plan

At least once a month I complain about having too many plans over here in Snarkville. I complain that Bill doesn’t know how to say enough is enough and actually just “Be.” We run around from place to place—from dinner to events to family, friends and dog shows. We haven’t both actually been home all weekend together for about two months. He traveled one place while I went to another. I was home and he was gone; he was home and I was gone. If we were both here, we had a house full of people. We actually had one weekend away at a fancy hotel but we weren’t totally alone there either. We had a birthday dinner for one of Bill’s sons and then spent some time with friends.

But home together? Alone? All weekend? Not in months. We sort of knew there was a lot happening, so we (meaning, me) thought ahead and planned a weekend of No Plans. We both actually added it to our Blackberrys. I set a reminder for 2 days out—No Plans!—as if I’d actually forget.

If it's in the calendar, it must be so

If it's in the calendar, it must be so

This coming weekend is our Plan-Free Weekend. I look forward to a glorious weekend of sleeping in—in my own bed—lounging around in my PJs or sweats most of the day, (hopefully) watching awesome ’80s movies in bed, maybe taking the dog for a long walk. I thought about going to a movie, but I don’t even want to commit to that—the whole choosing what to see and then having to be somewhere at a certain time is too stressful.

I’m totally going to be selfish with my time, and the time I spend with Bill. I long for the chance to be spontaneous (did I really just type “long for?”). I need to rest and clear my head—I know I’ll be a better wife, friend and little worker bee if I can do that.

I know I’m lucky to have good friends and family and even some of Bill’s work functions to go to because otherwise I’d be that weird reclusive person who never leaves the house.

A little balance would be nice, but it’s not looking good. Trying to get Bill to chill out is like running into this repeatedly:


It's a pretty solid brick wall.

He’s already trying to get me to confirm things all the way up through July.

Looks like I’m going to have to steal his Blackberry and schedule in some blackout dates.


3 Responses

  1. Okay! So what you’re saying is I should come over around two tomorrow?? 😛

  2. Of course. You are never included in the Leave Me Alone List!

  3. Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend. I hope you did/are! You know what I mean….I think . 🙂

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