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I have been on antibiotics for about a week for my recurring sinus infections. My dentist prescribed them because my face has been swollen like a balloon and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I’ve had the ever-present eye twitch.

I’ve been on antibiotics twice before in the past few months for this and I guess she decided they were worthless and prescribed the mother of all antibiotics: Zithromax. I just looked up the drug online and it’s one bad-ass motherfucker.

Any time they show you the molecular structure of something, you know it’s totally hardcore.

See? Hardcore.

See? Hardcore.

But, for me, I think it’s a little too bad ass. And Bad and Ass are the key words here.

It’s doing an awesome job on my sinuses—or it was until these damn winds picked up—but it’s destroying my digestive system pill by pill. I didn’t make the connection at first; I thought I just needed to take it with food. But with food, without food? Doesn’t matter.

According to the website, these are some of the side effects:


Abdominal pain? Check.

Gastrointestinal issues? Check, check and check.

Dizziness? Check Headache? Check. Vertigo? Check.

Plus, I’m fatigued (who wouldn’t be with all the gastrointestinal distress?) but another bonus? Not only am I fatigued I have insomnia!

I have been doubled over with such stomach cramps that it feels like I’m about to give birth. I’ve been swinging back and forth between constipation and diarrhea. Suddenly, I’ll get the urge to run down the hall to the bathroom, but I can’t stand up totally straight, which just exacerbates my dizziness.  I was going to wear white pants to an event I’m going to tomorrow but I’m guessing that absolutely no good can come from that.

The sinus pain and swelling I can deal with. This? Not so much. I am done.


11 Responses

  1. Yikes! Zithromax is usually only prescribed for 3 to 5 days. You must have one extra-extra-bad ass sinus infection. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Makes sense. “Zithro” means “extreme ass pain” in latin. I’d go back to the doc and see if you can trade your eplosive diarrhea for some nice shin pain or a neat rash. Ask about Eczemal or Leghurtizen.

  3. Did you get Zithromax in the z-pack thing? My dr always used to put me on it for sinus infections, but now I’m immune to it and it doesn’t work anymore. Now my sinus infection go-to drug is augmentin.

  4. I guess I shouldn’t point out the antibiotics/yeast infection connection at a time like this. …but certainly another fun thing for you to potentially have to deal with in a few days.

    I take Levoquin or Cleocin for sinus infections because Zithromax doesn’t work for me. Never had the horrible side effects you are dealing with though…thankfully!

    Feel better soon!

  5. Dear. God.


    So. Saturday night should be awesome then, yes?? Especially if you can also throw in that yeast infection Susan mentioned.


  6. Damn, girl!
    Hope you feel better soon and if it helps, you cracked me the hell up!

  7. OH MAN, I feel your pain! I had a whopper of a sinus infection a few years back which required me to do a second course of Zithromax, by which time I had developed Hemorrhoids! My Husb. was right freaked out — said he had never seen me so frantic. Between the “painful itch and swelling” the urgent call to the bathroom, and the throbbing in my right eye socket. Hope you’re better soon!

  8. If you’ve done enough research to find the molecular structure of your meds, I’m pretty sure you’re up on the knowledge that the purpose of the antibiotic is to kill EVERYTHING – even the good stuff. That’s why you’re having stomach problems – there are no good critters in your digestive tract to help calm things down. (This is the same reason women get the yeasties when on antibiotics.)

    One thing you can do to combat this issue is take lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is a PRObiotic – it is one of the good bacteria in your digestive tract, and you can buy it from any pharmacy or drug store. 🙂

  9. It never occurred to me that the antibiotics would kill EVERYTHING. I sure wish I knew about probiotics before. But I’ll never forget them!

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