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Wordless Wednesday

Okay, ONE Word: YUM!

Hugh Jackman Handprint Ceremony 4/21/09

Hugh Jackman Handprint Ceremony 4/21/09

Photos Copyright Bob Freeman 2009

Photos Copyright Bob Freeman 2009


15 Responses

  1. One word: WOLVERINES!!!

  2. I was skeptical at first. I was all, “Speechless? Haven’t I heard it all from Mo?” Then I logged on. Then I took forever to leave this comment because I was SPEECHLESS for like an hour.


    • Can you believe Bill deliberately didn’t tell me this was happening yesterday? I think my husband is jealous of Hugh Jackman.

  3. I double your YUM.

  4. Wolverine always was my favourite X-Man. I love a man with an adamantium skeleton. Oh, wait. You mean Hugh Jackman. I guess he’s ok, but he doesn’t have an adamantium skeleton OR retractable claws. Mr Farty beat me to the WOLVERINES!

    I probably shouldn’t admit that I’ve never seen the movie, but read ALL the comic books up until about 16 years ago when my comic book collector ex-husband and I split up. And then, guess what! I married a comic book collector, so I STILL have boxes of comics stacked in the bedroom.

    • You have the comic books? Those are probably worth a few bucks. I’ve seen the first two X-Man movies, but I never really got into them. That Sci Fi thing isn’t my thing (much to Lesley’s disgust) but I might see this one.

  5. Have you heard the gossipy rumours that Hugh’s wife is like, all p.o.’d about the new buff Hugh? They’re like, totally fighting about it and everything. Like. She wants him back to his normal unbuff self — or else! So, like, he might be available soon.

    • Good Lord. Why would she be so P.O.’d? Although, I can’t imagine he’d be fun to hang around with if he’s dieting and working out all the time. The unbuff Hugh ain’t too shabby either!

  6. He totally wants me. I can tell by the way he looks at me in that 2nd picture when he’s down on all 4s.

  7. For those of you interested, I found a naked pic of him tied down to the ground with stakes in my search for an image of Michael Douglas’ naked butt (don’t ask.) I think it was from an old movie. Why a pic of a naked Hugh came up is anyone’s guess, but a picture of Michael Douglas’ exposed posterior is exceedingly difficult to find (which in retrospect I think is a great thing.)

    Anyway, I think my word will be “Construction” or “Beer” as I suddenly feel the need to incorporate some kind of manliness into this comment.

  8. LOVE him. Can’t wait for this movie to come out!!

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