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Random Thoughts on TV, Wind Chimes and Cayenne Pepper



Music to my ears

This weekend we discovered a plant nursery here in town. I shouldn’t say “discovered” because it’s not exactly a big secret that we uncovered. I’ve passed this a million times, but we’ve never stopped in until this weekend.

We went in to buy a palm tree and some flowers to plant in a shady spot in our yard. It was a breezy day and while we were walking around the arbor, we heard a little tinkling sound that was so pleasant. Hanging in the garden they had two of the biggest and most lovely sounding wind chimes playing a melodic symphony prompted by the breeze.

I love wind chimes. I have about 8 sets of them hanging in various parts of my front and back yards. (However, when the Santa Ana winds blow through, I run around ripping them down because they sound like someone’s banging spoons on a pot). But I’ve never heard anything like these. It turns out that they are like the Bentley of wind chimes. Hand tuned each in a musical scale.

This one? The one Bill bought for me? It’s 50 inches tall (long?) and tuned to the scale of A.

My backyard is now like a Zen garden.


Gracie’s version of Zen is digging up all the new plants I so painstakingly planted.

Last night I sprinkled cayenne pepper in my garden. Somehow I think it’ll be the last time Gracie finds peace in digging.


Sunday night I watched  Iron Chef America before bed. It was Battle Octopus. All night long I dreamed of work and octopus. I had nightmares of being strangled by my bosses tentacles. Clearly, I have some issues to work out.


I bought a domain name for this blog (without the wordpress.com part of the name) and I bought some hosting space as well. But I am too dumb (or most likely too impatient) to figure out how to set the whole thing up. Which doesn’t bode well for my future career as a web designer.


In 38 days Bill and I are going to Las Vegas. Can you tell I’m excited? I’m so ready to spend four days doing nothing but hanging by the pool, reading, drinking, eating, playing craps and, oh yeah, the whole point of this trip—celebrating Bill’s birthday. It IS his weekend, but I think we’re both excited to get the hell out of Dodge for a few days. No work, no bullshit, nothing but a good time (do I detect a Poison song in there somewhere?).


I watched Nurse Jackie on Showtime last night. It’s my new favorite show. And it’s not even a crappy reality series. It’s dark, sharp, snarky, and a little wicked and twisted. Edie Falco is amazing as the drug-addicted nurse who seems to struggle with being a saint and…not.


To read more Random, The Un Mom is the place to go.


9 Responses

  1. I love love windchimes. My latest fave to add to my collection is bamboo ones. They sound so tropical too me.

  2. I want a Zen garden, but the kind with rakes and stones and such.

  3. lol I tried the cayenne trick when our dog was digging along the foundation of the house. Turns out, my dog LOVES cayenne. oops.

  4. I didn’t know they made such sophisticated wind chimes. I’d love to get one like that. My new project is now to find Bently wind chimes.

  5. I know the chimes you mean. I used to have a very small one – left behind in the move. I still have one strung on a wood block with a small wooden striker. We use it to atune before ritual. (You are inching towards paganism . . . steady on, there!)

  6. Hold up. Battle Octopus on a cooking show? Meaning…people eat octopus? Um….ewe???

    • More like how many ways can you cook a nasty fish. No chance in hell of me eating that. But it’s fascinating to watch good chefs try and make something like that look edible.

  7. I LOVE wind chimes! I can’t have one in my stupid neighborhood but still…LOVE!

    I saw the Octopus battle too. Before I became a vegetarian, octopus was one of my favorite sushi items. But after that show, I’m not sure I could eat it again…even if I wanted to.

    And MUCH belated happy blogiversary! I am a lousy friend and commenter as of late. But I wish you many more years of snark! xoxo

  8. Sooooooooooo, how soon before we Snarky readers get a youtube of the wind chimes and Gracie tasting Cayenne? Two polar opposites I predict…would be cool to see!

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