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As Random As I Wanna Be


I don’t care how people find my blog, I’m just glad that they do.


It’s a Blizzard Up In Here

Gracie is blowing her coat so badly that I can pick it off by the fistful. There’s so much that her hair balls look like a litter of puppies running around the house. She’s like a cat horking up her own fur balls.

On Sunday I took Gracie to one of those U-Wash Doggie places. I have a grooming table and professional drier at home, but this place is great because they have a giant tub raised to a level that saves your back from bending over a wiggling, wet dog. The other benefit obviously is that I don’t trash my own house when I’m splashing around with her in the tub, blow-drying her hair all over my yard and being smothered with wet towels.

I brushed and combed her out before rinsing her off to get off as much of the loose hair as I could. I thought I did a pretty good job until the drain got clogged up and I had to clean that out about a dozen times. But when I started to dry her off I realized she was still a hairy, shedding mess. It was so bad—white hair everywhere, circling through the store, covering my face and head and every available surface.

After about 10 minutes, the guy who works there told me I had to stop. I guess another customer didn’t really appreciate Gracie’s hair blowing all over her and her dog.

Now I can say I got thrown out of the dog wash.

Big Fat Nissan Fail

And speaking of wash…Saturday I decided to drive through the car wash. As I was just pulling into it and the water started to dump on my car, my driver’s side window rolled itself down. I scrambled to roll it back up, but it kept trying to roll down part way. I ended up having to hold the button the entire time to keep the window up. I just learned it’s a common problem with Nissan. Their window motors don’t work well, and although they’ll replace it (under warranty), they haven’t gone the extra mile to actually fix the problem with the motors. Kinda stupid if you ask me.

What I’m Reading

Because there are no episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey/Atlanta/Orange County, etc. this week, I’ve resorted to actually READING. I used to do that a lot, you know.

I just finished this book:


“Dogged Pursuit” is a memoir of a man who spent a year on the dog agility circuit and what he learned about himself from his dog. I read this book one night in one sitting because it reminded me so much of my experiences with Gracie on the dog show circuit. Dog people, scratch that, dog fanciers are a whole, um, breed unto themselves. I’ve been trying to write a post about dog shows, but I can’t quite get the right tone. This book is exactly that. Just swap agility for conformation.

And am now reading this:


I love Michael Connelly and I’m a sucker for a good crime novel. This is the blurb from Publisher’s Weekly:

“Bestseller Connelly comments on the plight of print journalism in a nail-biting thriller featuring reporter Jack McEvoy, last seen in 2004’s The Narrows. When Jack is laid off from the L.A. Times with 14 days’ notice to tie up loose ends, he decides to go out with a bang. What starts as a story about the wrongful arrest of a young gangbanger for the brutal rape and murder of an exotic dancer turns out to be just the tip of an iceberg that takes McEvoy from the Nevada desert to a futuristic data-hosting facility in Arizona. FBI agent Rachel Walling, with whom he worked on a serial killer case in 1996’s The Poet, soon joins the hunt, but as the pair uncover more about the killer and his unsettling predilections, they realize that they too are being hunted. With every switch between McEvoy’s voice and the villain’s, Connelly ratchets up the tension. This magnificent effort is a reminder of why Connelly is one of today’s top crime authors.”

For more randomness on running, video games and hemp, check out The Un Mom.


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