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Don’t Ask

I caved. I had a Kit Kat after lunch. I even photographed it. And to mask my shitty cell phone photography, I applied a mosaic filter to it. So to make myself feel better about all this, I decided to justify it in the name of art.

Mad Photoshop Skilz.

Mad Photoshop Skilz.


5 Responses

  1. And who says you’re not allowed to have a Kit Kat? I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. No guilt!

    • You know, it was actually a little stale. I was disappointed after all that. Although, a stale Kit Kat is better than NO Kit Kat.

  2. I think Kit Kat’s are healthier than regular candy bars because they have wafer cookie things on the inside and I’m pretty sure wafer cookie things are good for you. Aren’t they even a food group or something?


    • When Augustine’s wife was pregnant he was doing the whole sympathy eating thing with her and had bags of those Halloween size Kit Kats. On an average day, I did have TEN. (smacks lips at the memory)

  3. I don’t think we ever have to justify eating chocolate. Now, if you had a plate of steamed broccoli for a snack, we would have to have you examined and perhaps sent away.

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