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A Totally Random Tuesday



I think I’m doing something wrong with this whole relaxing over the weekend thing. Without fail, Sunday nights roll around and I wonder where the hell the weekend went. I feel like the more I try to relax the more stressed out I become. I like to catch up on all the crap I Tivo’d during the week, but then I realize I’m really just losing my weekend in 30- or 60-minute increments. Monday mornings come and I’m exhausted. Even if I haven’t done much of anything for two days I’m worn out. I haven’t figured out if it’s because I’m just a Type A personality and just can’t relax or if I’m trying so hard to relax that I have no idea how to do it.


BRITAIN Michael Jackson

I am sick and tired of hearing about Michael Jackson. Mostly because it makes me sad. Every blood-sucking leech has crawled out from under whatever dank place they hide to claim a friendship, a business partnership, or some kind of close personal relationship. Even in death people are taking advantage of him. Everyone from the nanny to these scumbags who claim they were his business manager (even when presented with written proof that their employment had been terminated) has come out of the woodwork to grab a piece of the action. People who should have been the most trustworthy—doctors who have taken an oath to do no harm—are the worst. It’s depressing that someone so talented was so lost. I feel sorry for his kids because they’re going to grow up never really knowing if people like them for who they are or because they’re Michael Jackson’s kids. I truly hope someone in that family is able to protect them.


Is it wrong that I’m totally excited about the Real Housewives of Atlanta starting on July 29? And will you all still love me even though I set my DVR to record Toddlers and Tiaras?



I’m reading Julia Child’s autobiography My Life in France, where she writes about how she started cooking, and how Mastering the Art of French Cooking came about. Even if you don’t cook or you store your books and sweaters in your oven, it’s an amzing story because this woman who really taught America to cook didn’t figure out her life’s path until she was 37 years old, which seems relatively late in life. Without Julia Child there would be no Food Network or celebrity chefs or cooking magazines. For Julia, food wasn’t just something to be eaten to fill yourself up. Food was to be savored. It was about the sense and texture and smells. It was about enjoyment. Which in turn was about enjoying life and all it has to offer.


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7 Responses

  1. I totally agree with the Michael Jackson comment. Every blog or web page I’ve visited has paid tribute to hi (my blog included) and while it is a nice thing to do as a reaction to his death, I am not too pleased about how people are suddenly all about him when they would be the same people who laughed at jokes made at his expense. The double standard is just too awful for me. And while I do enjoy his music (immensely, if i should say so) I cannot claim to be a complete fan of him. I feel sorry that we have lost possibly the greatest entertainer there ever was but I’m even more sorry for the people who really knew him and loved him–in whatever shape or form he ever was.

    • I read something yesterday that said none of MJ’s true friends went to that memorial. Lisa Marie Presley, Diana Ross, even Debbie Rowe. Most of the people who spoke or performed had either never met him, hadn’t seem him for years or weren’t really that close to him. It was just another performance, another spectacle and it’s just sad.

      There is definitely a double standard at work. The media coverage was pretty disgusting because all the reporters talked and gossiped about how they hadn’t seen each other since the the trial. Like it was some weird reunion.

      I’m a fan of his music, and I agree that we lost one of the greatest entertainers ever, but the real tragedy is that those kids don’t have their father around anymore. No matter what we think of him, they loved him and it seems like he was really trying to protect them.

  2. Yes, it IS wrong that you’re excited about Real Housewives and I am not sure about still loving you after intentionally recording that Toddlers and Tiaras thing. Let me get back to you on that. What??? You asked!

    While I DO keep my sweaters in the over, that book sounds interesting! I also think the upcoming movie Julie and Julia looks really cute.

  3. Toddlers in Tiarras is like watching a train wreck. It’s not possible to look away . . .

  4. OMG I am so in love with Toddlers and Tiaras. So, yes, I will still love you. *LOL*

  5. […] which opens next Friday (August 7). It was awesome. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about reading My Life in France, the biography of Julia Child’s years, um, well, in France. Her story is so fascinating to me […]

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