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What Happens In Vegas…Will Probably End Up All Over This Blog


Tomorrow I’m going to Vegas, baby! And I can’t wait. I need a mini vacation away from my house where no matter how hard I try to relax, I look around at the laundry I need to do, the poop I need to scoop (in the yard—my house isn’t that filthy), the hair I need to vacuum and the dishes I should wash.

I have a huge stack of books next to my bed that mocks me every time I crawl in bed because I can’t relax enough to start plowing through them. And I know Vegas isn’t exactly where you think of going to catch up on your reading, but I’m going to multitask. While I’m also catching up on some much-needed lounging-in-and-by-the-pool time, I will be reading. With a drink in hand. Something tropical I think.

We’re going for Bill’s birthday, so we’ll have at least one good dinner, and we’re going to see KA (Cirque du Soleil) but I’m hoping to hit some clubs, go dancing and guzzle sip some martinis. I may even have to hit the craps tables. But there will definitely be some Wheel of Fortune slot machines. Sheesh. You’d think it was MY birthday!

And just so you know—the house won’t be empty, so don’t even think about coming over and drinking all my booze while I’m gone. (My parents will be there, so they’ll do that for me.)


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