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Grace Face

There are few things in life that Gracie loves more than her soccer ball. She sleeps with it, she plays with it, she chases it and she squeeks it until it makes my eyes bleed. It’s funny to watch her play because she drop kicks, dribbles and does headers better than David Beckham (seriously, have you seen him play lately? Hawt, but totally losing his edge). She’ll chase and fetch this ball for hours—with our without us. And sometimes at random times—um, 3:00 a.m., really? This is a rare photo of her not in motion with her beloved ball.

Look at this sweet smushy face

Look at this sweet smushy face


12 Responses

  1. She’s so gorgeous!! I’m definitely a Gracie Fan.

  2. I love this picture! And she is just so smushy!!! I’m in the fan club!!

  3. I had to come back and look again. I may have to bookmark this page.

  4. I love your dog.

    She can make her martini however she wants.

  5. This photo is precious! She is adorable.

  6. Awwww…. smushy…smushy. It’s so cute that they get attached to something like that. My cat has this stuffed toy thing he drags around everywhere with him; curls up next to it; tosses it around and chases it. Hmmm, maybe he needs a live friend?

  7. Kind of like you: Enjoy your martini, maybe go too long with it, until you crap out?

  8. Of course I love her face (WHO DOESN’T?!?) but I also love how big her paw looks in the forefront of the shot like that. I have a similar shot of Moses with his foot looking all huge because it’s right up to the camera. There is something so endearing about that.

    • I know—I love that paw. I want to take a bunch of paw pictures because she really uses them like hands sometimes. It’s freaky!

  9. I think she needs a playmate. I have the perfect one for her. My aussie. I will ship her too you. 😉

    Am laughing at your comment at my place. I forgot that LAbite is a west LA thing. *I am such a brat.* sorry. LOL.

    • They have on in the Valley, but not Santa Clarita. Such a bummer, but someone had a good idea about starting one of your own. We can start a franchise! We could be rich. Or at least well-fed.

      Gracie has two little Aussie boyfriends at the park. They’re so adorable. I’ll totally take yours off your hands!

  10. I really want to get all up in her face and smooch all over her. Love her!

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