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Obsessed With Bejeweled Blitz

I’ve chronicled my passionate love for Bejeweled Blitz here a couple of times. If I have a few minutes to kill at work, or just need to zone out and clear my head, I’ll log on to Facebook and play a few rounds. There’s something about the falling jewels stacking up and clearing out, and the Bejeweled announcer rooting me on that relaxes me.

And then the developers upped the ante. Last Tuesday they released an updated version. It was already an addiction for me, but now the jewels are more dazzling, the sounds are all tinkly and crystally, and the announcer gets really worked up when you do well! “Good Job!” “Excellent!” Really, everyone should hear those words once or twice a day.

They also added a few new way to rack up points. They already had the Hypercube, which appears when you line up five of the same jewels. Click on that and then click on any one jewel next to it and it clears ALL of the jewels of that color off the board. To jack up the points they added the Flame, too, which gives you a flashing jewel if you line up four of the same color. You can either match that with two more of the same to get a bunch of points or if you don’t, you still get a bunch points at the end just for being on the board.

Then they added the best feature—The Last Hurrah! And that’s exactly what it is. When the game ends, it automatically searches through possible matches and finishes them off for you, giving you gajillions of bonus points.

Overall, I think each match is worth more too because I seem to bet getting a ton of scores like this:

Still can't get the 150K badge...

Still can't get the 150K badge...

I’m insanely competitive about this. You can see your friends’ scores and I get jealous when they hit 200K, 250K…and I get determined to beat them. I realized I had a serious problem today when I walked away from my computer after playing for 5 minutes…um, okay 25…and my eyes were red, watery and glassy. I had to cut myself off. And then 15 minutes later I was jonesing to play again.

The worst part? Every Tuesday the scores clear out and you start over. I hate Tuesdays.


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    That is all.

    P.S. Except OMG. I KNOW! re: people with higher scores, and now that I have this huge Facebook friends’ list because of stupid Mafia Wars, I’m lucky to break the Top 10.

    • DUDE. You and the Mafia Wars—I’m so glad I haven’t gotten sucked into that one. Yet. I’d never get anything done. But I suspect there’s way more satisfaction in taking people out than stacking some pretty jewels!

  2. It’s Tuesday – try BeSpelled!

  3. i LOVE bejewelled!! i wish the rounds were more than 1 minute, but it’s so fun! then i found out there’s an app for it on the iPhone. (of course there is.) normally, i am way to cheap to pay for any app, but i paid for this one. it’s amazing how great the colors and sound effects are! and hearing mr. announcer say “in-credible” is so worth it. 🙂

    • I wish they had it for Blackberry. If they do, I haven’t found it yet, but that’s probably a good thing. I’ve already got my face in my phone enough with Facebook and Twitter. It drives my husband nuts.

  4. I love this game. 🙂 But I’m an addict. The Last Hurrah thing is almost too thrilling.

    • Issa, I was green with envy when I saw YOUR score yesterday. But then I got happy when I realized you’d be back to square one with me today!

  5. I don’t know…this doesn’t sound relaxing to me – automated voices yelling at you, fierce competition, noises, jealousy, all your hard work wiped out every week. Now FarmTown…there’s a relaxing game. You plant some pumpkins, wait 4 days, harvest them, sell them at the market and buy stuff for your farm with the money you earn. Very slow paced, low key fun.

  6. I love bejeweled, although I haven’t played in forever. This entry totally got me wanting to play and if I ever remember when I also have time on the computer, i am gunning for your score! By the way, I picked you as one of my recipients for the Honest Scrap award. Check out my blog for info.

  7. I am absolutely obsessed with Bejeweled Blitz. I could lose hours playing this game, and in fact, do. Yes, I’m pathetic like that.

  8. TOTALLY addicted and in fact just got over 200K!! It is crazy. I am a recent addict and well not giving this one up any time soon!

  9. You and Jared have actually pulled me out of retirement…your constant scores are like a personal challenge to me to beat you LOL

    I just wish the other people I know from back home didn’t have scores like 270k and 330k which I can’t even imagine are possible


    • Hey! I haven’t seen you around here lately! Welcome back!

      Lori’s friend Nancy routinely gets 225K or more and it drives me out of my mind. I swear that woman cheats somehow! She’s the one I’m always after, score-wise!

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